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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Saint Lucie! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Saint Lucie, FL. We are your local wildlife-removal service provider who will take your problem personally. We will campaign for a world where both humans and animals will feel safe in their natural environment. Understand that no situation is hopeless, and with the right people and attitude, we can help you get back on track. What do we do? We investigate the root cause and the source of wildlife infestation. We will only use humane methods that will not cause unnecessary suffering on the part of the wildlife animals. We will directly treat the source of the problem that will prevent reinfestation from happening soon. We are armed with the right tools and materials to repair and remediate all wildlife damages, and we can perform decontamination to get rid of the viruses and bacteria-causing diseases. Our history started more than ten years ago when we realized that people do not have a lot of options to solve their wildlife problems. We feel like we can do better services than your regular pest exterminators. With the trust and love of our local customers, we continue to reach higher grounds, and we will continue to provide them with only the top-notch services while paying attention to their needs and demands. Call us now at 772-232-8211 for your Saint Lucie wildlife control needs.

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Saint Lucie Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Will Your Florida Home Insurance Cover All Pigeon Damages?

In case you live in a place with a high Saint Lucie pigeon activity, you are perhaps aware on the damages that your house can incur from these nuisance creatures. You know how costly it can be especially if your house will require a comprehensive repair and restoration. In some instances, the damages of the pigeon will be covered under our home insurance. However, most of the time, you won’t be able to rely on your home insurance policy to protect your house from the damages of the pigeons.

How to Determine If Home Insurance Covers Pigeon Damages?  

As the temperature drops, humans are not the only one who will prefer to stay indoors. Even the Florida pigeons will look for a shelter that will keep them safe from the harsh weather. Unfortunately, there are instances that the damages they can cause can be too extreme. It is essential that you peruse the clause of your home insurance policy that pertains to damages of the wild animals.

Accidental Damages

Usually, the Saint Lucie damages will be covered under our home insurance policy if the damages are accidental. Some of the situation that falls under the accidental damages would be a pigeon that flew straight into the window and smashed it or a pigeon that accidentally end up inside your house that broke your ancient vase. 

Additionally, the Florida insurance company will only cover the damages provided that the insurance holder carries full accidental damages. This can be a part of their content insurance or building insurance. For instance, if your window has been broken by the pigeon, then you can claim as a part of your building insurance. However, if your art piece has been damaged, then you can file a claim under the content insurance.

Home Insurance Will Not Cover Damages by the Vermin

Before enrolling on a home insurance policy, it is imperative that you discuss all matters with your agent before affixing your signature on the contract. Under the policy there will be a clause that states that damages caused by insects and vermin will not be covered. Different companies will have different definition of the word vermin. Some people look at the pigeon as a rat that has wings. They are known for their destructive behavior and they are considered nuisance creature.

Complex Rules

Other Florida insurance companies will have a complex clause that pertains to the damages of the pigeons. Be sure that you will consult a lawyer before filing for a claim. Usually you will have to prove that the damage is not caused by a long-term or recurring infestation in order to be covered under your policy.

Not all types of damages that you incur from the Saint Lucie pigeons will be covered by your insurance policy. This is why you will need to call the help of the professional once you notice the sign of pigeon infestation. This will likely increase the possibility that the insurance company will provide you remuneration for the damages that you incurred.