The Only Equipment You'll Ever Need to Trap a Florida Squirrel

The Saint Lucie squirrels are quite notorious for causing a significant amount of problems to the house owners. When they are found outside of our house, the issue may not be that severe. However, once they build their den inside our house, you will need to immediately take action to get rid of them. In the US, squirrels were blamed for the different house fires. 

Tools that You Will Need When Trapping the Squirrels

In the past a lot of Florida people are poisoning the squirrels to bring an end to their problem. However, after they realized that poisons exposed the household members to the same dangers, this practice is now seldom carried out. Trapping seems to be the better solution for infestation. You will need to prepare all the necessary tools before you conduct your preferred trapping method.

Saint Lucie Tools for Inspection

Before you start your trapping, you will first need to inspect your property to determine how bad the situation is. If you think that the infestation is beyond what you can handle, you should not hesitate to ask the help of the professional. You will also need to inspect your house to identify the possible access point of the squirrel. You will need ladder to inspect the high areas of your house such as your roof. The ladder that you will set up will depend upon the height of your structure. You will also need to prepare a headlamp to inspect the dark areas of your house. You should also wear protective gears such as a face mask and pair of gloves.

Tools for Repairing

You will need quality materials and tools that will help you repair the damages caused by the Florida squirrels. You have to cover the holes with hardware cloth or wire mesh; else, the squirrels will simply chew the materials to get back inside the house. You will require a powerful screwdriver to fix the construction material using screws. You should avoid using glue or nails when securing the materials to the holes. A screw will be excellent to use in tight areas of the house. The repair tools that you will prepare would depend upon the place of the infestation. 


There are lots of available traps in the market. Make sure that the Florida trap that you will choose will be sufficient on the size of the creature and the population of the squirrel. We highly discourage you from using lethal traps. There are live traps that will help you capture squirrels without harming them. If you want a better solution, choose an exclusion device that will enable them to leave your house but will prevent them from returning.

Finally, after getting rid of the Saint Lucie squirrel, you will need to prepare some tools for cleaning and decontaminating your place. This is necessary to guarantee that all the potential hazards have been eliminated. When cleaning the excrement of the creature, look for a cleaner that are enzyme-based. You will also need a vacuum to eliminate the droppings.

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