Secret Tips and Tricks to Keep Saint Lucie Skunks Away from Your Trashcan Forever!

People who live in the country side will usually have in conflict with different Saint Lucie wild animals such as the skunk. Skunk can tear their garbage apart when looking for food. It is just too frustrating cleaning your front yard every day. Some people will try to spray ammonia in their trash bin hoping that it will keep the skunks at bay but unfortunately, this will not work. 

Effective Ways to Protect Your Trashcan from the Skunks

If you don’t want to fulfill the cleaning task redundantly, you will need to keep the Florida skunks away from your trashcan. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert to protect your garbage from their attack. Simple ways can help you guarantee that you won’t have to clean you front yard every time you wake up.

Invest on a Saint Lucie Metal Trash

Investing on a metal trash can that comes with a secured lid is an excellent method to keep your garbage intact. The garbage bins that are made from plastics will have a lid that is attached with a screw. Unfortunately, the skunk can easily chew the plastic materials to get an access to the trash inside. When you are looking for a trashcan, be sure to ask the sales lady about the skunk-proof item. You can also purchase a locking mechanism to greatly improve the security of your garbage can. In case you do not have a metal trashcan, you can simply place a heavy object on top of the cover. Rope and bungee cord are also an excellent option to secure your trash.

Keeping It Clean

Make sure that your garbage can will stay clean. The residue of the organic materials outside the Florida trashcan can easily attract the attention of the wild creatures. You may clean it with a bleach and water. There are also cleaning solution that can disintegrate organic matter. Proper arrangement of the trash bags is also necessary. For the perishable items, double the plastic bag before placing it at the bottom of the trash can. 

Keep in Inside at Night

Skunks are nocturnal Florida creature and will be busy foraging their foods at night. If you don’t want them to mess with your trash, you may opt to take it inside your house. You can place it in your basement or in your garage. However, you are probably worried that your house may smell like garbage. In order to prevent this, you can build a customized compartment outside your house where you can store it during the night.

These are just some simple ways on how you can keep the Saint Lucie skunks away from your trash. Spraying repellents and ammonia will not be able to deter them. Following this method will likely deliver the result that you are hoping for. In case you are not successful in driving away the skunk, there is probably something in your yard that keeps on attracting them. Eliminating the attractants will help you get rid of their infestation.

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