Best Ways to Kill an Armadillo in Your Saint Lucie Yard

Armadillos are tiny Saint Lucie creatures that will dig underground when hunting their own food. More than being a threat, this creature is considered as a nuisance animal. Once it started to cause damages to your house, you need to find ways to remove them from your property. When relocating, armadillo has an incredible sense of smell that it can use to return to their property. Some experts will recommend you to relocate them at least 25 miles away from the place where you relocate them.

Different Methods to Kill the Saint Lucie Armadillo

In case relocating the Florida armadillo is not an option, your only choice is to use the lethal method. However, there are some lethal methods that we do not recommend such as poisoning. It comes with various risks that can expose yourself and your family members to negative effects.


We do not encourage you to use rodenticide due to the different hazards that it entails. Most of the poisons sold in the Florida market are intended for mice and rats. Using them to another creature can have varying effect. The creature can experience a week of suffering before succumbing to death. During this time, the other predators can eat them that can lead to secondary poisoning. Poisons also come in interesting shapes and they have a sweet scent that can attract the interest of your pets and your kids. Ingesting a small amount of poison can immediately lead to convulsion.


This method should only be used if you can restrict the movement of the creature. If not, there is a possibility that you will miss. You should aim for their head to give them a swift death. Hitting them on other parts of their body will also lead to painful suffering. There is also a possibility that the use of firearms is prohibited in your area. Be sure to familiarize yourself on the local regulations to stay away from legal consequences.

Lethal Traps

Lethal traps can also give the Florida creature an immediate and humane death. However, using this device is also prohibited in some states. There is a probability that your kid may accidentally step on the trap that can lead to a grave injury. There are trap station that you can use but you still need to be careful in setting up the trap. A slight mistake can accidentally activate the mechanism and you can incur a serious wound and injury.

Make sure that the lethal methods that you use will not cause unnecessary suffering on the part of the poor Saint Lucie creature since this is against the law. You should only use these methods if you’ve tried all the non-lethal methods to bring an end to your armadillo infestation. You can also consult the professionals and they can provide you different effective methods that will deter the activities of the armadillo without harming them. Remember that the lethal method will not be effective if you failed to determine the original cause of the infestation.

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